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Hello 2015

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The feeling I have entering into this new year is one that I’m sure many of you have…that deep desire for more. More of whatever you love, more of whatever makes you smile or feel complete. More commonly, most ask for happiness, success, love, good health…this year, I wasn’t sure how to sum up what I was looking for. I’ve been spending my 1st day of the year in deep thought & in unbiased conversations with God. Sharing with God all that I have, all my flaws, all my weaknesses (as if he doesn’t know me) and asking him to restore who he designed for me to be on this earth. Interesting enough, after being alone with God and my thoughts, my mind brought me here to Rummage Rich, my home, my safe haven, my open book…it’s been awhile since I’ve allowed my thoughts to hit the web or pen and paper for that matter and instantly I felt calm…in my world…at peace.

It’s now approaching 7pm and I’ve come to a conclusion as to what it is I’m truly looking forward to in 2015. I would like to BE ABLE. Be able to love properly, Be able to do what I want, Be able to help others, Be able to be the example, Be able to live care free, Be able to try, Be able to learn, Be able to understand, Be able to live.

To Be Continued…


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MICHAEL ANTONIO- Lamiss Blue Snake, Classic, Pop Of Color, Solid

MICHAEL ANTONIO- Lamiss Blue Snake, Classic, Pop Of Color, Solid

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JUST FAB- Pilara, Casual, Easy, Flat, Metallic

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